"In the last decade I have come to regard Jean Marteau, Head of YUM Innovation Consulting as unique visionary with a very strong concrete and social foundation. He sees a layering of realities and in an atmosphere of trust this is the only experiential way of doing both incremental as well as disruptive innovation. "

Rob Van Kranenburg, Chairman & Founder of Internet of Things Europe Council

Bridging the gap of the Internet

°YUM Innovation

Our team support your organization through all aspects of innovation, transformation and communication from empowerment to coordination via developement, implementation and support.

Fostering co-creation

Networked Talents

The team is enriched continuously by a number of creative and talented young tech, media, business, arts and design specialists joining from around the world within our co-learning and co-creative work environment called the Global School.

Interconnecting meaning and values

°YUM Cooperation Partners

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