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"Participation calls for awareness and therefore involvement. Active participation results of choice. Enabling self-developement, emancipation and resilience. Allowing context to be seen, accessible to co-create meaning." (Jean Marteau)


CTO/CIO and Head of YUM Innovation Consulting

Born in 1983



  • • Junior founder and communication manager for a charity sponsoring Indian children
  • • President of various NGOs based in Austria, Ivory Coast and Switzerland
  • • Head of the innovation experience & digital transformation for various organisations
  • • Lead system and solution analysis, design & architecture

  • • Cryptography, information & digital forensics, cyber Security, APT framework, data protection & privacy, identity governance framework
  • • Databases, APIs, softwares, serious games prototyping & programming
  • • Research and development (HCI, HCISec/UIS/AI, deep learning, natural language processing and classification/IOT/blockchain/Com4dev/UX/future media information ecosystems)

  • • EU and international standardization process and compliance
  • • EU data Protection and privacy & GDPR compliance
  • • EU antitrust and competition framework, policy and compliance
  • • EU & American policies for dynamic spectrum access
  • • EU frameworks (Realizing single & digital market, FP7/FP9) & EU-Japan work program
  • • Future Internet, next generation Internet & next generation networks

  • • Talent management & socio-technical innovation process
  • • Intercultural social mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • • Communication strategy, marketing and sales trainer
  • • Strategic design, keynote speaker, keynote/pitch coach and designer
  • • TV, media, content and photography edition and production
  • • Mentorship for team units specialists, scrum masters, tutors, trainers and students


  • • Raising new media, digital and social awareness against the digital and socio-technical divide
  • • Crosscultural, transdisciplinarity and transgenerational active and reflective participation
  • • To understand the human factor, their cognitive blindspots, behaviorial approaches, distinguishing notably reactive and reflective autonomy, healing fractured reflexivity and overload within a co-creative process to unleash entrepreneurial energy
  • • Strengthening collaboration, innovation and global ideas, simplifying, transposing, making them visible and accessible
  • • The unification of the digital, physical and analog ecosystems to improve quality of life and ability to co-create and develop new competences by elevating/valorising the human and adaptative systems enabling community assets to perform sharing knowledge and practical experience
  • • To support the interoperability of heterogenous ubiquitous, adaptive and interactive systems
  • • To bridge the gap between socio-technical and complex systems, deprecating safety principles to enable automated and isolated agents to act as team players
  • • To provide new methodologies and linkages to help people and organizations in the development of inclusive solutions and business models that offer the potential for both commercial success and development impact


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