Technology Innovation

YUM Lab uses our network extensive experience to help companies from innovation visioning and scouting to business process improvement planning, developing new products, services and assistance to setup internal R&D, emergency responses and media units as well as search for public or private funding


Using our experience we help companies to discover innovative ideas, insights and opportunities as well as creating frameworks to turn visions into actionables and sustainable business models

Scouting & Monitoring

We identify opportunities that you can leverage through partnerships, acquisitions or licensing and mitigate risks by giving you predictive insights

Public & Private Funding

Our team members received various awards for their achievements in EU R&D Frameworks

Using our network we identify and propose private assets that are willing to perform on innovative businesses


We protoype and develop custom IT solutions from system architecture, interaction, database design, backend and frontend including the creation of web services, mobiles and cloud solutions

Process Mapping

From visual prototyping to real-time advanced and complex data-visualisation systems our team assists you in the establishment and implemention of improvement plans<./h3>

Next Generation Business Intelligence

The problems that can occur at mutual transfer of work in the process chain are often not recognized. Working process change continuously, as the weather, the process requires to be constantly adapted. Usually one uses KPI to monitor if process runs well, KPI do not provide information on what can occur wrongly

Process mapping and or mining shows the bottom of what is going wrong by analysing the process from the inside to find root causes of any business issue

Expert Units Setup & Support

Specialised in building, managing and coaching teams, we setup expert units to cover the various aspects of your business development in the New Work space

Media Production Unit Setup & Support

YUM Leadership assists public and private companies in setting up internal or decentralized content production pipelines and units

This will enable the company to better manage the content production process for creating new content and media and to bid for better community engagement

R&D and Unit Setup and Support

Through this consulting service, YUM Leadership assists public and private companies in setting up internal R&D center

his will enable the company to better manage the innovation process for creating new products/services and to bid for domestic and European tender for innovation projects

Emergency Responses Unit Setup and Support

YUM Cyber Resilience team assists public and private companies in setting up internal Emergency Response Unit & Center

We support business to manage the security process, assess and improve their ability to prevent, detect, respond to attacks while ensuring responses to forthcoming risks & security threats

Cloud Solutions

We build offline and online cloud based solutions to evolve in every business situations

Logistic-as-a-Service and Support

This solution with its comprehensive, simultaneous logistics and IT design facilitates the complete and efficient design, planning and control of value added networks with a decentralized approach allowing a better and more secure data between remote business assets

Managed Content-as-a-Service and Support

To engage, high quality media are required and most of business can't manage their communication pipelines to the everyday distribution and moderation internally

This decentralized production ecosystem solve this issue

Define your goals and send your raw content to the service and YUM Creative Studio takes over all the other tasks

Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service and Support

YUM Lab provides tailored AI services and componments to connect or interconnect business digital and human systems to support continuously changing business requirements in the digital age with adaptive and intuitive services accessible offline and connected to the cloud

IT Solutions

Software, hybrid, mobile, web, network and immersive solutions

Databases, APIs and Web-Services

We create, manage and secure flexible data architectures

User Experience & Front-end Design

We produce user interfaces for all supports and devices

Full Stack Application Development

We develop scalable softwares and cloud based solutions

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