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Intercultural exchange enables an authentic connection to brands. Together with our network, we build participatory frameworks supporting businesses to engage with their commnunity bridging the gap to their global audience.

Media coverage

Communication Strategy Consulting

In the media world a lot changed with the mainstream implementation of the Internet and the fast development of technologies. With social media platforms as well as project management tools and content management systems we can organise work in another way.

Today's leaders need the competence to use the technology of interconnected societies as well as bringing new roles in the project teams to manage the community and clients.


Successful communication strategies are implemented within a fruitful collaboration between the management, team, partners, network and community


Any good idea has to be written down in a basic and simple concept. Every project needs new inspiration for any process and operation

Evaluation Development-Circle

Workshops, coaching and team consulting

Co-designed Operations

Content production pipelines and quality performance management

Community & Hospitality Management

Lead the digital market

New Media & Public Relations

With our network we are not only providing Social Media & Community Management but also classical PR and worldwide multi-media press release campaigns. From the start of the consulting process our consultants stay close to advice for every step towards global media coverage.

A professional press kit with press release, videos and fotos is the basis for any global news agency support. The public sources are reported in a two weeks duration to provide transparency and confirmation of the media display.

Master Storytelling

What is the red line for the master story and the core messages?

Setup of the communication basis and content display

Content Production

Production and selection of the visual content for the Press

Press Release

PR workshops and interview sessions for public media display

Anywhere at anytime

New Media & Community Management

With the social media platforms new challenges and roles developed. Nowadays every digital project needs a community manager, who communicate with the users on the one side and with the management on the other side.

What to do in the moment of a shit storm on a public channel? What thinks the community about the brand or a specific service or product? The digital environment and it’s implications transform the work organisation.

Channel & Project Management

Content plan creation and implementation.

Shit storm management / Costumer service experience


Cross channel monitoring, profiling, network analyses, channel- and website feedback or content evaluation

Community Management

Influencer Marketing, Event Management, community development, content partnerships

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